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Happy 2014 Friends!

What if this is the year you choose to CREATE the LIFE, LIVING, and BODY you have always desired?!? ACYC would LOVE to be part of that with YOU!! We are now offering classes in Yoga, Access Consciousness, and Pregnancy/Birth Preparation. There will be classes and workshops that are designed to help you unlock all the ways in which you have created limitations for yourself and your body. Giving you a whole new space of possibility to make dynamic changes for YOU and YOUR Family! Best of all we will be doing it with FUN, EASE, and JOY! How does it get better than that?!?

About Our Studio

This cozy studio is located in a residential neighborhood in the Spokane Valley. All classes at ACYC provide a comfortable space in which to explore the body, mind and soul. ACYC takes a therapeutic approach to practicing Yoga. Elements of class include asana, pranayama, consciousness and energy work. ACYC offers classes in Access Consciousness TM, including the Core Access classes of Bars; Foundation; Level 1, Access Body Classes and specialty classes for women. What amazing contributions can we BE for each other and BE for the world? Read about ACYC founder and teacher.